May 24, 2017

Meet the Company That is Totally Disrupting the Carrying Things Industry.

Remember the days where you had to carry all your your arms? Well, those days are gone, and it is all thanks to the dedicated thinkers, designers, engineers, at the Pacific Tote Company.

We all have memories of spending hours just getting to the beach because you had to carry all your sunscreen, towels, snorkels, sunhats, frisbees, keys, cell phones (or pagers - remember those too?), aloe vera, flip-flops, keys, radio, sunglasses, books, magazines, paddle games, and other sunglasses in your hands. It took dozens of trips back and forth to the car, you lost half your stuff en route, and the other half you left on the beach on accident. 

Then the dreamers at an esteemed Los Angeles-based design studio came up with a better idea. They called it: Top Open Transport Equipment or T.O.T.E. for short. Pacific Tote Company was born. Now you can walk to the beach in just one trip, keep all your stuff protected from the elements, and keep things from getting lost in the surf and sand.  Pacific Tote Company single-handedly opened the door for people to relax at the beach - for the first time ever. That's something new. 


Each Pacific Tote is made in California from heavy #8 Duck canvas. It is the kind of canvas that is nice and thick, but not way too stiff like some of the imitators out there. Pacific Tote makes all their bags in small batches, and each time they totally mix up the colors. This makes sure your T.O.T.E. is as unique as you are.

See the T.O.T.E.s from Pacific Tote Company

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